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With ADP, you have assurance that your project mission will be commanded by a fully insured, FAA licensed and certified UAV pilot. This means we deliver credentialed aerial drone services with no legal exposure to our clients.


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wow! crop dusters beware ... drones are about to replace you

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Skynet in testing
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Please take 2 seconds to read this. Drones were grounded due to a TFR (temporary flight restriction) in Houston and surrounding area. While I understand that manned aircraft must have priority over the skies many opportunities were lost to save people and possessions. Drones have a place in disaster recovery. I'd like to start a gofundme campaign to start the process for "trained" drone pilots to operate in a TFR during disasters here in Arkansas. Please let me know if you'd be interested in contributing or helping this effort.
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Actually, I'd be interested. I'm interested in any kind of training and licensing. It seems there are so many restrictions now.

As drone pilots we are obsessed with trying to comply with the FAA rules. To say that they are confusing and contradictory is a HUGE understatement. It is interesting that in this video it states that the FAA does not regulate the NAS (National Airspace) by policy. In any event according to this FAA official IT IS LEGAL TO FLY WITH GOGGLES as long as you have a visual observer. (one quick footnote this only applies to 107 not 333)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=twKSGU_5bCg&t=20sKen tells you how the FAA rules apply to FPV flying. Want a set of Ken's goggles? Get them HERE: amzn.to/2gQUPUM Wear glasses? You'll need these: http...
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