Flight Crew

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ADP has been at the forefront of aerial digital photography since 2014. We provide advanced services and solutions to a wide variety of clients and market/industry segments.

Lan Cook

Lan Cook

Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO Lan Cook has 30 years of experience in photography and videography.

Charles Wilson

Charles Wilson

Flight Operation Manager

Charles Wilson is an FAA certified manned aircraft pilot (cert. # 3884816) and 107 (cert #876542). This — in addition to his extensive certifications and time logged — qualifies Charles to man and supervise our complete range of UAV operations. Charles is a member of the Sparrow Aviation Flying club Conway Arkansas, the Arkansas Agricultural Aviation Association, AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), the Arkansas Agronomist Guild, and the Central Arkansas FPV Drone Racing Association.

Credentials that Fly

FAA Part 107 Compliant

FAA Certifications

Years of Flight and Photography Experience

FAA Approved 333 Exemption

FAA registered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

FAA Part 61 Certified Pilot ON STAFF in compliance with 333 requirements

FAA compliant with required ongoing rules and regulations (Pilot Logs, UAV maintenance, flight hours, etc.)

FAA Part 107 Drone Certified Pilot ON STAFF

In the Hanger

Rig 1

DJI S-1000 octacopter with zenmuse gimbal
Camera – Canon 5D mark iii

Rig 2

Tarrot T-18 heavy lift
dual Canon infrared – visible spectrum cameras

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