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Drone missions are not just flying cameras any more. Today’s drone missions feature innovations that center around capturing data sets from sophisticated sensors that allow multiple interpretations of the data. Once the data sets are captured, our team utilizes post flight mission discovery and operational management software to give clients flexibility to make informative and accurate project decisions.

Precision Agriculture Drone Imagery

Precision Agriculture

For generations farmers have walked their fields investigating crops manually for signs of stress or disease. This traditional, labor intensive method is time consuming and can be difficult when crop canopies thicken. UAVs allow agronomists and farmers to evaluate their crops at scale while simultaneously creating maps that assist in management and analysis allowing labor resources to be deployed with increased accuracy. Additionally, UAVs fitted with NVDI imaging equipment can create a view of crops that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Differences between healthy and distressed plants are easily detectable and allow for rapid action when stress or disease appears via NDVI sensors. Combining this information, monthly weekly or even hourly, into a time lapse animation can highlight changes in the crop information revealing trouble spots or opportunities for better yield possibilities.

Precision Agriculture Drone Imagery

Commercial and Residential Properties

Today’s realtors face ever higher competition. In such an environment, differentiation is fundamental to success and UAV’s offer a unique perspective to both customers and brokers alike. Aerial photos and videos allow properties to be showcased in new and creative ways, adding to the allure while also illustrating the surrounding area. Combined with indoor photography, realtors are now able to arm themselves with creative tools that were only available to the largest of projects in the past. Pairing UAV’s with software platforms also enables new creative avenues for showcasing unique qualities of a particular property. Prospective buyers could measure out areas for specific features they might want to place on their lawns. A 3D model can be generated from photographs to allow individuals to experience the architecture in new and unique ways. Experiencing properties in more interactive ways allows agents to help clients better envisage how a property meets the needs of client.

Precision Agriculture Drone Imagery

Mapping and Survey

UAV platforms allow GIS professionals to quickly collect geo-referenced aerial images, which can be processed with photogrammetry to produce point clouds, orthomosaics, and digital terrain models (DEM). Prior to UAVs, such mapping could only be achieved by manned aircraft at high cost to the purveyor. Now, mapping technology is drastically more accessible, allowing individuals and organizations to capture and document detailed models maps.

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